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Monday Talk with Brz Farmers: Highlights

Por: Eduardo Vanin
Artigo, Grãos
Publicado em: 27/11/2023 10:20

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+ Scattered rains for most part of Mato Grosso (MT) in the last 7 days. Producers from the North of the state are still trying to finish the plating.

+ The Northwest region of Mato Grosso is most impacted by the drought (8% of the state).

+ The soybeans from highway 163 are the earliest planted, the best region till now. However, this soybean is now in the reproductive phase, when water demand more than doubles. The daily requirement is 8 mm, with accumulated rainfall in many 163 regions totaling less than 20 mm per week. This soybean is starting to suffer.

+ Many fields in Mato Grosso, Tocantins, Goias and Maranhao are going to be planted out of the good window. Producers fear the heavy rains between December and January, which will result in damaged beans and lower yields due to cloudy weather.

+ Reports of producers skipping soybean fields not only to cotton, but other crops like rice.

+ Not official estimates points to 200-300 thousand hectares less soybean acreage in Mato Grosso.

+ Goias seems the best estate till now – estimate of 18 Mi tons.

+ Mato Grosso do Sul received good amounts this week. Agronomists are reporting reduction in the number of nodules of the roots, the part responsible for fixing N.

+ Input dealers in MT continue to report safrinha seeds orders cancelations. The area reduction up North and East part of the state may reach 30% - it´s still difficult to measure the size of national corn area reduction, but seems large. The farmer selling for safrinha 2024 is completely stopped – 9% only. The historic average for this time of the year should be 18-22%;

+ Parana crop is not great – the 3rd largest state. Asian rust and anomalies are being reported. Great temperatures variability is being the main problem, causing anomalies and replanting need;

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